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Home reversion involves the sale of a fixed percentage of the value of your home in return for a cash lump sum and/or regular income. Your home or the percentage of it you sell becomes the property of the home reversion company who provide you with the payment.

You can expect to get between 20% and 65% of the market value of your home in exchange for the right to continue living in the property until both you and your partner die or move into a permanent care facility.

You will continue to live in the property under a lease agreement with the home reversion company. The terms of the lease will vary depending on the home reversion plan you choose but will normally be a nominal payment of £1 per month. Some companies may offer you the option to pay a higher rent in return for a larger amount of money from the sale. This is something you should discuss with an independent adviser before accepting a plan.

The older you are when you start the plan, the higher the percentage of the value of your property you will receive; this is reflective of the time taken for the home reversion company to recover its investment.

Home reversion plans have proven a successful means for people to release cash from their home but are complex and should never be taken without independent advice and careful consideration.

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